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40th Birthday Titch The time was closer to Titch great day was always the weekend 40 and as promised, I remember her a birthday present. I told him it was something that told her for the rest of their lives, rubias19 but they did not know what you should know lol. When the Sabbath came, gave him a card when he woke up and gave me little, but I told him I could not open until she had five orgasms for the first time that threw rubias19 back the covers and told me. start I spread her legs and began to lick very gently shook my tongue on her pussy full of hot cum last night, I could still taste my cum in her wet pussy and it was not long before her first orgasm in bed another flood time. I slowly rubias19 eased my two fingers curved, inch by inch into her soaking wet pussy while stretching the back felt his heart. As soon as my fingers to the bottom of initiation, squirt cum again, as rubias19 he did. I grabbed the toys they use the last night, all next to the bed was covered in juice is vibrated and turned it into the top and slowly rubbed her clit tingling when he reached his orgasm in third place, but only that with the next two continue to follow one after another rubias19 fell in a heap on the bed wet. It was time to give your presence. When he opened with a look of shock expectancy in order to find the content, which was a roll of bills numbered from the type found in the supermarket, numbered 1 to 40, but she could not understand what he meant . You knew it was something that forty years, but not the reason for which he received as a gift had to be done. I did not tell the whole day and it was time to prepare for rubias19 the night. She did not even know where we were going at night. I told him that something very sexy, they are cut rubias19 with a stunning black satin dress wear, without returning to his high above her thighs and no bra in athere, so I could bold billowing breasts under black satin dress when she went to see, it looked so incredibly sexy and hot. begin, and soon realized we were on our special club to be held the great 40th When we got there we were greeted with huge applause and cheers and there were flags everywhere birthday, when I said I had come to celebrate its 40th, but had completely forgotten about the raffle tickets. entered the bar and it was in Champaign the night and after a few drinks I was a bit tipsy and it was unclear if all the other people came into the bar for a drink it all in one raffle tickets, was forty and then hit 0 ª 00 has gone and I took her to the room with the big round bed, where the whole world to see titch get your birthday present. They take you to the bed, as everyone clapped and sang happy birthday to her and slowly lifted her dress as was Completely naked in front of everyone. She was trembling with emotion, his body was in flames, and she could not stop smiling as she did not know what would happen. when I insisted on the bed, spread her legs until he could, so that all their newly shaved pussy glistened in the dim light. Slowly I started licking her pussy as wet as everyone saw, and soon she was running for the first of many times that night. He loved the view of the whole world watching her sexy naked body withering all get hard and wet. Once I arrived, I said about her and gave her the number one Come on, she always knew it is still unclear what would happen. I fucked her hard and fast until he reached the bottom of her pussy greedy then came out and said : Yes, he has his number two, the middle-aged man arrived with a big hard cock and gave me the ticket. I said, everything depends on you. She looked at me pure fear and emotion as the currency fdecreased flammable. Now I knew I was screwed by the people of forty men and women, I told you every 5 minutes with it what you want. so excited I've never seen in my entire life, she took the keys, one after another jet all over the bed, sometimes two at a time, and up to three at any given time, one in each hole. They got into all sorts of positions with legs so she could walk, and four high in the rubias19 air at all, and then they had these two women were licking her forever, until both rubias19 covered with her juices. All 39 people who had licked and fucked her until she reached the turn again, and the number forty is the number one and I have to extend the mouth first, as all their juices flowing and all the cum in my mouth , then I've told my hard throbbing cock ride. She rode his cock hard and then it was a free for all who had hard cocks and pussy got into the rubias19 face of all sides, and was underall of them, one after another, having started two sperm. at the end of the night we were both covered in the juices, and so we all went to the big tub for washing, but again everything just started, until it came time for the club to close, and we had to go home. on the way home I rubias19 could not thank you enough for your gift and gave me a nice slow sucking all the way home. The next day could not move, his body was sore from head to toe every part sucked, fucked, licked and stroked. said he could not even think rubias19 about sex, never again, until I put the DVD was filmed throughout the night so we could watch again and again. Soon, a rubias19 wet between her legs, her fingers slipped and started playing with it and ordered me in no time. I can not wait just to my fiftieth at the end.
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